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Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

Moving can be stressful and tiring, especially when it’s accompanied by bad weather. Lousy weather isn’t only annoying, but it can also get in the way of your plans.

Depending on the weather conditions, you need to be ready to tackle any weather conditions and move your things safely from one house/apartment to the other.

Here’s what you should be mindful of when moving in inclement weather:

Rainy weather

With rainy weather, we can differentiate between light rain and heavy rain. Light rain won’t ruin your plans that much. Just make sure you wrap up any goods or furniture pieces that are water sensitive like antiques, paintings and electronic equipment.

Heavy rain, on the other hand, is a different story. If the rain is pouring down, it might be the best option to postpone the move, but if you’re on a tight deadline, that may not be an option.

In that case:

  • make sure that the moving truck is as close to your house as possible, to avoid getting things soaked
  • cover the furniture and expensive belongings with pads and then with plastic wrap
  • avoid puddles and slippery areas
  • wear deep boots with anti-slip soles and a raincoat, of course. 

Moving in the rain


Snow and ice

Snow and ice can definitely make moving not only difficult but dangerous as well. With snowy conditions, you need to make sure that:

  • you’re wearing appropriate slip resistant and comfortable shoes
  • make sure that the sidewalks and the driveway are clear of ice and snow so that the movers can approach your house safely
  • spray some salt on the sidewalk and path to prevent ice from forming
  • keep your shovels nearby in case you need them
  • make sure you wrap up your belongings to avoid damage due to cold weather
  • prepare some hot beverages and make sure you always have a back-up plan!

Moving Winter Road