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How To Prepare Your Items When Doing Long Term Storage

Whether you are looking to store memorabilia or collectibles, or you are planning to do some remodeling or even relocate, you just need to keep your valued items protected. It’s a good idea to take the time to properly prepare them especially if you are planning to store your belongings in long term storage.

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Here are some helpful tips that will guide you on how to prepare your valuable items when doing long term storage.




Pack and Store Clothing

When clothes are not stored properly, they tend to break down over time. Rather than folding these organic materials in a suitcase or box, it is best to hang them so as to avoid causing stress tears in them. However, you may have to resort to using cardboard containers if you cannot hang all your clothing material. Ensure that the boxes are free of moisture so as to prevent the appearance of spots and the growth of mildew on your garments.


Disassemble for Easy Transport

Lighten your load and reduce the possibility of breakage by dismembering larger pieces before the big trip. For items like couches, tables, beds, and dressers, find and remove the pieces that are not permanently hinged onto the fixtures. Remove planks from bedframes, cushions from couches, drawers from dressers and legs from sofas and tables. Ensure to stay organized by grouping, wrapping and labeling these pieces together.


Clean appliances

When getting appliances ready for long-term storage, note that you will need to take some precautions. In order to prevent the possibility of mildew growth, bacteria or water damage, you will need to defrost and clean your freezer and refrigerator. If you plan on storing your washing machine for a long period of time, ensure that the hoses and cords are tied down and the machine drained. In a bid to keep your large appliances dried over the extended period of time, you may want to use baking soda to wipe down their interior before they go into storage.


Use Packing Boxes

When it comes to storing items, it is important to understand that plastic bags are not ideal for protecting them in long-term storage. It is recommended to use packing boxes due to their ease of movement and high storage ability. This is why most moving and storage companies prefer to pack items in boxes as they also present less chance of damage during the move.


Unlike sealed plastic bags, boxes do not encourage the growth of harmful mildew as they do not trap humidity. Since boxes are known to be far sturdier and can be stacked even much more easily, you are bound to make significant savings on space rent as they usually take up less space.


Avoid throwing loose items into boxes. Ensure to use linens, newspapers or packing papers to wrap separately wrap ceramic, resin, glass or ornamental items from one another. Don’t leave gaps between items; ensure to pack reinforced sturdy boxes. In order to avoid having broken box collapse during storage and to prevent items from being banged during move, it is recommended to use fillers to fill in any available spaces in the box.