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What is Estate Moving?

Many Arrows pointing to different destination on a mapAn estate move, simply put, is a move with one pickup and multiple deliveries. It can be that your downsizing and you want to send items to friends and family throughout the country. Sometimes the situation can be very unpleasant, like the passing of a family member. In any event, it usually is left up to one person to figure out how to get these precious pieces to people in different locations. Here at Sterling Van Lines our staff understands how difficult this can be. From the first phone call to the final delivery, we are with you every step of the way. We try and make it as simple as possible.


So, how does it work?

Determine what you are moving and where you are moving it to. Call us for a free quote, if the quote and schedule is to your liking, book the job, and wait for paperwork.  Once the paperwork is returned, we will give you a date and time for pickup.


Why you should choose us?

You can use multiple movers to transport items but using one company to handle your multiple small moves going nationwide would be less of a headache. Sterling is the right choice for you because of a low minimum weight requirement, which most people will fulfill and we’ve had over 20 years of moving experience with antique furniture moving, long distance piano moving, and much more. Love companies that remain in constant contact and update their customers? That’s us. We’re not perfect but that’s what we strive to be. We think that moving can be tedious and difficult but when you hire us it shouldn’t.

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