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What is Small Moves?

Sterling Van Lines has been the leading pioneer for over 20 years in the small moves, moving industry. What qualifies moves to be small moves? Anything 2000 pounds or less, qualifies as a small move. For example, if you have a piano that weighs 600lbs and that’s the only item you will be moving or you have 1500lbs of moving boxes packed with some furniture. That’s perfect! We try our hardest to accommodate and customize your move the way you want it so even if it’s over 2000lbs, we can move you, anywhere but we specialize in moving partial loads locally and nationwide.

So how can we transport nationwide? Sterling coordinates a shared moving truck with a flexible pickup and delivery schedule (i.e., 2-5 weeks). Our skilled dispatcher will schedule an optimal route for our long distance drivers to go a specific way all across America. Customers will be sharing a moving truck since they have partial loads that cannot fill an entire truck alone. We send our qualified moving teams all across the U.S. to help individuals, families, and companies transition smoothly.

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Why do you need small load movers? One of the reasons why our customers choose us is to avoid costly rates. Bigger van lines have a higher minimum which means that even if you are moving, for example, 1000lbs of belongings; you will be charged for their minimum of 5000lbs. With Sterling, you pay for what you move and get service for nothing more and nothing less. Our minimum is so low that even a couple of furniture items will be enough. Most customers have more things to move than they think yet not enough to use the bigger van lines so hiring Sterling is ideal.

Here are examples of moves that we unfortunately have difficulty in servicing. If you have specific pick-up and delivery timelines needed outside of California and cannot be flexible with scheduling. For example, you called us today and you need the pick-up by 3 days later in Orlando, Florida and delivery to Portland, Oregon a week after pick-up, it cannot be serviced by us. We do have moving routes through Texas every month so if you were to contact us and hopefully be in sync with our scheduling, you can expect your delivery around 2-4 weeks later. Another move we will struggle servicing is intrastate moves not in California [by law]. We can move within California with ease but due to regulated laws that we always maintain and abide by, we cannot do intrastate moves other than California. However, if you are adamant about using our services, there are a few options but contact us to discuss the details. Lastly, we’re unable to provide storage service outside of Southern California. We would love to but our storage facility is located in Los Angeles, CA and it would cost too much to pick-up, deliver to our facility, store momentarily, and then deliver to the destination. For example, pick up is in Texas and delivering to New York, it would not be in the best interest of the customer to store it in LA but to deliver it to a storage facility of the customer’s choice at the destination [completing the move]. If you were to have a move near or to Los Angeles, this would be the most ideal scenario for your storage.