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Unpacking Tips

While most of us tend to see the actual process of moving as the hardest part of a relocation, unpacking tends to be quite difficult, since we do not lay the proper groundwork before the move or take the proper steps after a move. With these helpful unpacking tips, you can easily organize and unpack all of your belongings and reduce the amount of time spent on this arduous task.


  1. Pack Properly


Don’t subscribe to the “throw and go” theory, take the time to pack properly and keep all of your stuff together. Instead of separating the whole house into categories, pack the items for each individual room together. If you pack up your old house in the same manner that you will be unpacking it, you are able to save yourself a great deal of time and agony. When you pack this way, you are also able to save on packing materials and move them with the appropriate amount of care.


  1. Move Clothes As They Are


Let’s say you’ve decided to take every item you own off its hanger and fold it up. While this may seem like the right idea in the moment, this will cause you to spend far more time unpacking and leads to severe disorganization. All you need to do is remove the clothes directly from the closet, while they are still on their hangers, and hang them up on your new closet racks upon arrival.


  1. Fill Your Desks and Ottomans


Furniture is already heavy enough, so why not take advantage of its added storage space, too? If you are packing up your living room and you have a couple of ottomans at your disposal, fill them up with as many items as possible. The same principle also works for unpacking your office or the children’s play room. Move the toy box as is, as well as your desk, and unpacking becomes a snap.


  1. Keep The Important Stuff Close


When you are packing, it is important to keep any items that you will need immediately on hand. Keep your cleaning supplies in a box that is easy to access, as well as all of your most crucial kitchen utensils. Otherwise, you could end up being forced to order out for dinner every night and purchase your coffee from Starbucks until you’ve located everything you need for your daily routine.


  1. Unpack The Kitchen and Bathroom First


Don’t worry too much about television, computers and electronics during the earliest stages of unpacking. The kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms that you’ll need to focus on, as they are the most crucial rooms in the house. The living room should rank as a distant third.