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Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Long Distance

Moving can be a tough, especially when you’re moving out of state. Moving to another state is basically like moving to another country. Although the thought of it can be daunting, with the proper planning and the right checklist everything will go smooth.


Here’s what you need to keep in mind when moving long distance:

Before you move:

Make a list of everything you really need. Keep an inventory.

As for the packing – make sure to pack everything in boxes or wrap it up really well to avoid any potential damage. It’s a long distance drive, so you don’t want anything valuable to get broken or damaged. Also, you’ll need to make some sacrifices. If you intend to pack everything and move your entire old house – it’s going to be an expensive and challenging journey. You’d need to give up on something!

Most importantly – make sure you hire a professional moving company and ask them to offer you a free estimate.

Next, you need to make a list of all the important accounts that need address updates once you move in into your new home.

Get your car ready! Even if you’re not moving a lot of things in your own car – you don’t want to risk being stuck on a road while your things are en route to a new home.


Once you get there:

If there’s damage to your belongings make sure to report that to the moving company. Before they go, you need to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Last but not the least – have some cash ready to tip the movers!

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