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Moving Out After A Break Up

A break up is already a difficult process and it becomes even more challenging when you have been sharing a residence with your former significant other. Calling a moving company is the logical first step and those who are tasked with this unwanted dilemma would do well to keep these five things in mind.


  1. The Importance of Planning Ahead


While you may not be able to plan the break up ahead of time, you can certainly plan out your move beforehand. If you’re the one who is deciding the initiate the split, don’t blindside the other person at a moment of weakness. Make an effort to sit down and plan the move with them and do your best to keep your feelings out of it. Vengeance may feel sweet in the moment, but it is not a helpful emotion to be experiencing during the moving process.


  1. Setting a Date


Let’s face it, living with your ex can be very hard, especially from an emotional standpoint. Seeing the person you once cared for on the verge of moving on is a traumatic and profound experience. Sit down with your former partner and set an ironclad date for moving out and decide who will keep the place you’re residing in early. This lets you move onto the critical next step of…..


  1. Dividing Assets


Here’s where things can start to get messy. If you and your ex have purchased items together, then it can be tough to decide who gets to keep what. Some couples part ways on good terms and it is easy for one person to write a check to the other for their half of the goods that were purchased while together. Others may struggle with this aspect, so it is important to deal with one another on a respectful level.


  1. It’s Okay To Compromise


Moving out after a breakup does not have to be a situation where one person suffers immensely, while the other makes out like a bandit. Compromise is key during these types of scenarios. Moving is already difficult enough, without adding extra tension to the proceedings. Is it really worth fighting over who gets to keep the Friends DVD box set? Pick your battles wisely when parting ways after a breakup.


  1. Make It Easy


In many instances, it can be easier for one person to take the majority of the shared items with them when they leave, so that bad memories do not linger. In other instances, it might be simpler for the person who is remaining in the residence to keep the bulk of the assets that were purchased together. A breakup is saddening and maddening enough, without either person trying to make it more difficult. Come to a quick agreement and move forward amicably.