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Southern California Destination Rate Schedule

The following is Sterling Van Lines’ destination rate schedule for Southern California. If you have questions, please contact us by telephone at (800) 264-6313 or by email.

All rates are in US Dollar

LCL & Air Freight Shipments – Rates per 100 Lbs.

Weight Bracket (Ibs.)Rates cover entire Los Angeles and Orange County Areas*
1000 – 200014¢ per pound
2001 – 400013¢ per pound
4001 – 600012¢ per pound
6001 – 800011¢ per pound
8001+11¢ per pound
Rates do not include flights of stairs, elevators, long carries, shuttles, or other accessorial charges

LCL & Air Freight Shipments – Rates per 100 Lbs.

Weight Bracket (Ibs.)Rates cover entire Ventura City and San Diego County Areas
1000 – 200016¢ per pound
2001 – 400015¢ per pound
4001 – 600014¢ per pound
6001 – 800013¢ per pound
8001+13¢ per pound
Rates do not include flights of stairs, elevators, long carries, shuttles, or other accessorial charges

FCL (Single Consignee) – Lump Sum Rates

GP ContainerLoose LoadLiftvans Packed
20 foot$1200.00 (All fees in US $)$1350.00
 40 foot$2200.00$2400.00
40 foot High Cubel 45 foot$2900.00$3100.00

Add’I Southern California Terminal Handling Charges (THC)

 THC, documentation fee and equipment fee, if not prepared are collected by the shipping lines this end. These charges are not included in our rates.
FCL20′ $250.00 40′ $260.00 45′ $375.00
LCL$23.00 per cbm – Minimum $75.00
AIRFREIGHT$0.11 per kg
NVOCC / Forwarders Fee$35.00

Minimum Weight and Density

Minimum WeightLCL 1000 lbs AIR 1000 lbs
Minimum Density6.5 lbs /cu ft (Lift van packed – based on gross volume)
6.5 lbs /cu it (Loose load – based on net volume)
Rates IncludeRates Exclude
Customs clearance feeCustoms, duties and taxes
Pick up of consignment from portPort Storage & Demurrage
Deliver to residence (normal access)Container detention
Cartons to bench topHandling of piano, safe and other items requiring special equipment
Unwrapping and placement of furnitureSplit deliveries, stair carry, hoisting, shuttling service due to poor access
Simple reassembly (i.e. beds, tables. etc)0 Special services – handyman,  carpentry, electrical and cleaning services
Disposal of debris
Return of empty container

Storage Charges at our Warehouse

Normal Dry Storage18¢ per cubic foot26¢ per cubic foot
Warehouse Handling18¢ per cubic foot26¢ per cubic foot
Minimum Charges$45.00$45.00
Note: Storage charges will be invoiced per month or part thereof. All local storage and warehouse handling are subject to GST

Optional Services

  • Handyman
  • Carpentry
  • Piano Handling
  • Waterbed Service
  • Pool / Snooker Table
  • Valet Maid Service
  • House Cleaning
  • Computer Setup
  • Maid – Part Time Service
Please contact Sterling Van Lines for rates on Additional Services (800) 264-6313 or (323) 981-1440

Consignment Information

Consign your Southern California shipments (surface and air) as follows:
ConsigneeNotify Party
Sterling Van Lines, Inc. 4550 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90022, U.S.A. Tel: (323)981-1440Sterling Van Lines, Inc. Attn: Tony Najera FAX: (323)981-1435
For: Shippers Name as per Passport

Documents Required

In order to avoid any delays and port storage, the following should be received by Sterling Van Lines about one week prior to vessel’s ETA.

    • Your letter of instructions, including billing instructions, insurance coverage and special handling requirements.
    • A clear copy of the owner’s passport (copy showing personal data and photo page).
    • A full descriptive and legible copy of the inventory in English.
    • Original Ocean Bill of Lading or AWB.

To apply GST relief, your client should provide us the required documents for onward transmission to Customs, one week prior to vessel arriving in Southern California.

  • Signed Declaration of Facts form.
  • A copy of employment pass or a letter undertaking from his/her employer.
  • Full delivery address, information about the address, phone number, etc.

Prohibited Items

Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances, obscene articles, publications, video tapes/discs and software, reproduction of copyright publications, video tapes, video compact discs, laser discs, records or cassettes, seditious and treasonable materials, cigarette lighters of pistol or revolver shape, firecrackers, chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products, chewing gum, toy coins and toy currency notes, endangered species of wildlife, weapons and ammunition of any kinds.

Additional Information

Sea Shipment will be ready for delivery 1 – 3 working days (for FCL) and 3 – 5 working days for (LCL & Groupage) after vessel’s arrival in Southern California.

Air Shipment will be ready for delivery 2 – 3 working days after arrival at Los Angeles International Airport. If all documents are available, shipper need not be in Los Angeles during customs clearance.

Customs Regulations

Used household goods and personal effects may be imported GST exempted if:

  1. Foreigner/Shipper is taking up residence in USA
  2. Foreigner/Shipper has obtained an employment pass or his company can produce a copy of his employment pass application together with the sponsor letter
  3. Foreigner/Shipper imported his goods within 6 months from his first arrival.

Returning Americans and Permanent Residents must have resided in a foreign country for not less than 6 months to qualify for GST exemption on their used household goods and personal effects. Documentary proof of stay is required 7 days prior to vessel’s arrival.

Documentation Required

For Foreigners

  • Passport (copy) showing personal particulars and photo page
  • Employment pass (copy)
  • Completed and signed Customs for “Declaration of Facts” (Customs form)

For US and Permanent Residents

  • Passport (copy) showing personal particulars and photo page
  • Proof of stay in foreign country for over 6 months
  • Completed and signed Customs for “Declaration of Facts” (Customs form)

Note: If the above documents are not available prior to the arrival of vessel, client will have to pay GST before the goods can be released by customs. The GST payable will be based on the value of the goods. It is important for client to contact our Import and clear up the paperwork at the earliest convenience.


At the time of printing, the following regulations apply, but are subject to change without notice. If in doubt, please check with Sterling Van Lines, Inc.