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Advice: How to Be Safe When Moving

People are overtaken with the idea of super-human, super-hero idealism when tasked with moving home or office on their own. Nothing could be less short-sighted, and more rife with bad consequences.


Some people like to prove to themselves that they can handle that top-heavy, gazillion-pound antique dresser down three flights of stairs. Worse yet, even if they make it down the stairs in one piece, they insist on lifting it onto a truck all by the sheer sweat equity of their own back and knees. What’s wrong with this picture? Aside from needing to question their need to do it alone, here are tips to keep everyone safe when making a move.


Use The Tools


There are plenty of tools that make moving easier. Even if you “must” move it yourself, spend the extra $10 to rent the hand truck. Next step? Swallow your pride and let the rental professional show you all the options on the hand truck.


Yes, hand trucks are as old as dirt at this point, so you will feel odd asking. Though, there are some hand trucks that are like Transformers and switch into a convenient push-cart style as well as acting as a hand truck. Find out if they have one of those.


In addition, before pulling away from the lot with the rental truck, make sure it has a lift on it, or a ramp. This will all work together to save the back, knees, and arms from injury and overuse.


The next question is does the building or home have a dumb waiter, chute, or heck, even an elevator. Maybe it does. Maybe it does not. If it does, then find out if it is in working order. This could save everyone a lot of hassle.


Invest in a good pair of gloves. Fabric or leather are fine. If they are fabric, be sure they have grips on them to make having a firm grasp on items easier


Watch Out For Thieves


Another aspect of safety is having other people watching belongings, trucks that are wide open or apartment doors that are ajar. At any of these points, otherwise, goodies are too much temptation to thieves.


Packing Wisely


The other character trait that rears its ugly head in the moving game is the person who compulsively jam-packs as much as they can stuff into every box. They neither check to see if a box is securely sealed on the bottom nor do they try lifting it to see if it is too heavy. Combining this one with Hercules is a dangerous combination.


Again, asking for help from friends will put in a natural watchful eye and voice of reason to talk the compulsive packer out of the habit. It will save Hercules from over-lifting too.


Those are just the some points. Stay safe when moving.